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Which loan do you qualify for?

*FHA loan - minimum down payment of 3.5%   
more info FHA

*Conventional loan- minimum down payment of 3%
more info Conventional

*VA loan - minimum down payment of 0%
more info VA

*Please talk to a lender about which loan you qualify for!



Your Monthly Payment
Caluculate motgage here

**Monthly Payment is included;
1. Property Tax -lender caluculate ( purchase price X 1.25% / 12)
2. Home insurance ($40~$150 / mon)
3. Mortgage insurance (If you pay less than down payment of 20%)

*Please talk to a lender more accurate monthly payment



Today's interest rate
Check here!

Why do you need to get a pre-approval before seeing homes?

Answer here!


Preferred Lender -CLICK HERE!


​​​Prepare these documents for a pre-approval;

1. 30 days of paychecks

2. 2 years of W-2 or 1099

3. 2 years of Federal Tax returns with all schedules and statements

4. 2 months of bank/brokerage/retirement statements (all pages)

5. Copy of driver's license 

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