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My Services

When you are start thinking to sell, please let me know. I have strong marketing tools that success to close escrow highest price and shortest time for you. Also, I will help you to hold your hand to less stress during transaction!

Advise for Home Value

Cleaning and Staging

You want to know your property value first. I will research comparable properties and explain how much you can list it for on the market. I will assess the current condition and suggest what you might need to do before selling your property. Note that website estimates may not be accurate, as they don't account for your property's current condition, remodeling history, layout, needed work, or lot size. I will consider all these factors to provide you with an estimated home value.

I will help you to make your property look its very best. This way, you will get an offer shorter of time than without doing it and more attractive to many buyers!

TV and Online Promotion

Prospective buyers to see your property from their home with KCAL-IND Saturdays at 4:30pm in Greater LA and on ABC Sunday at 9am in Santa Barbara. 

Professional Photography

Beautiful high-quality images could be worth thousands of dollars words when selling your home. I'll make your property look its very best!

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View Magazine

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One of the most comprehensive advertising we will advertise your property in the magazine. It is distributed monthly to  hundreds of thousands of households throughout  Los Angeles.

Email Marketing

Most serious buyers have already working with buyer's agent. I reach with agents who sold your area to announce your property!

Please contact Atsu today!

Parallel Lines

Atsuko Kimoto (Atsu), Realtor

Cell: 310-990-9951

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